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Are you a Chicagoland artisan creating something great and searching for the perfect venue? Submit your work to Wolfbait & B-girls, it is so easy! Just send an email to containing a little about you and what you do, as well as a link to your website, etsy page, or simple phone pics of your goods and the retail price. Your precious handmade products will be reaching your community at large in no time!

Stop in to check out a fun interactive promotion sponsored by Wolfbait and B-girls. Collect the impossibly adorable “Livin’ the Dream” trading cards by visiting local business and be rewarded with 2 VIP tkts to the event at Links Hall March 3-5th 7pm. We have your Gimme a “D” Gilmore here at Wolfbait & B-girls! “Livin’ the Dream” – Tickets – Links Hall At Constellation – Chicago, IL – March 5th, 2017

Wolfbait and B Girls from Sincerely Productions on Vimeo.