Defensive Wounds


Feb 01 2021 - Mar 03 2021

The Tarot Restless: Third Edition Kickstarter Campaign

Check out Defensive Wounds’ Kickstarter Campaign for the third edition of The Tarot Restless – a fully reimagined fantasy tarot deck set during the final days of an infertility apocalypse.

This Kickstarter is for the third edition of the deck, which includes:

  • The original 78 card deck, 12 of which feature new designs
  • The 12 card expansion set The Zodiac Retrograde
  • The 10 card expansion set The Oracle Inimical (The Exalted and the Exterminated)
  • A profusely illustrated and completely re-written copy of Restless Meditations, a 140+ page guidebook of short stories that explore the lore and interpretations of each card
  • A silver-stamped box that holds both the cards and the guidebook

The Kickstarter ends March 3rd, check it out here.

Winslow Dumaine (Defensive Wounds) is an independent artist and stand-up comedian out of Chicago. He makes art about pain in order to help people process grief in constructive ways. His portfolio can be found on and he can be followed on twitter @winslowdumaine.  Check out his Wolfbait Maker Shop here.


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