Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Soothing Balm

Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Soothing Balm

Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Soothing Balm


Allow the gentle healing properties of prickly pear, chamomile, shea butter and aloe to deeply calm & nourish the skin.

Hand crafted in collaboration with eczema healing coach & expert, Coach Michelle Mills, our soothing balm is meant for those with:

✓ eczema

✓ psoriasis

✓ severely dry skin

Product Description

Directions: During an eczema flare up, apply a thin layer of soothing skin balm over inflamed areas once per day. Best used during the daytime only.

Ingredients: organic prickly pear oil infused with organic chamomile, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, organic borage oil, organic 100% pure therapeutic grade chamomile essential oil

Size: 2 oz jar

Meet the Maker

Plant Based Beauty is a one-woman, home-operated small business based out of Chicago, inspired by a holistic approach to health & wellness.

After seeing my mom battle 2 different types of cancer, I began researching holistic wellness and discovered that most skincare items are filled with harmful chemicals that have side effects as severe as cancer. I started experimenting with clean, homemade, superfood skincare - and Plant Based Beauty was born.

We value real, nourishing ingredients created with intention and with a focus on sustainability & philanthropy.

All of our products are made with organic, good-for-you, superfood ingredients derived from nature.

We want to give skincare a new meaning by turning it into an intentional choice - by intentionally choosing high quality ingredients in your products, and intentionally choosing self-care and putting yourself first.

And all the while, we want to feel good about what we put out into the planet by minimizing our environmental impact. We consistently donate a portion of proceeds to organizations & causes that desperately need more attention and funding and we strive to make a difference.

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