Custom pet portraits

Custom pet portraits

Custom pet portraits


SIZE: 24″ x 30″ (approximately) takes 3-4 weeks
PAINTING TIMELINE: 3-4 weeks | FREE SHIPPING: 1 week. Anywhere in the U.S. Ground USPS 7-10 business days (Canada will have shipping fee of $35.00)

Product Description

You know your pet is special, and is a treasured member of your family.
Imagine having a one-of-a-kind painting of your pet hanging in your
favorite room. Imagine the stories old and new the portrait will remind
you of. Makes the perfect gift for that special birthday, anniversary or holiday.

Meet the Maker

Unlike a photographic or full-color likeness, my unique sumi style depicts the spirit (Ch’i) unique to each pet and brings that beauty alive through each vibrant stroke. My technique brings a spontaneity, a controlled chaos that grasps the true essence of the pets I paint that “jumps off the page,” as my customers often share. These portraits are forever memories and like them, I too am adopted and my paintings captures each pet's unique journey finding their forever home just like I did. This is why I paint.

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