Elixir Gift Set

Elixir Gift Set

Elixir Gift Set


For the curious, naturalist or crystal monger in your life.

Product Description

Two very different handmade crystal-infused elixirs make for the perfect dynamic duo. Use Karma to uplift in the AM and Sukha to wind-down and ground you in the PM. Spritz away, create your bliss, and they don’t look bad on the shelf either!

Scent profiles:

Karma, sweet yet spicy notes of lemongrass & rosemary in the front and subtle tones of wild orange & lavender balance out this lovely blend that will linger in the air just right after you’ve sprayed. 

Sukha, fragrant Bulgarian rose in the front and warming patchouli round out this delicate blend. Softer notes of lavender balance out the punch that patchouli can sometimes deliver. 

Meet the Maker

At Sukha Sanctuary I create handmade crystal-infused & plant-based elixirs for everyday use from Earthy magic. Every crystal d has been cleansed by Palo Santo to rid of any unwanted energies. Each crystal is then carefully dropped into a special blend of essential oils, spring water, and witch hazel. Shake well and spray as a linen, air, body or mat cleanser. Please never spray near eyes or ingest my product. My sprays are perfect for gift giving, yoga mat cleaners, odor reducers, or a way to unwind and create your own sacred state of bliss.

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