Human Extinction Bumper Sticker

Human Extinction Bumper Sticker

Human Extinction Bumper Sticker


The planet is getting irreversibly hotter, which means extreme weather is exacerbating and will never, ever go back to normal. Our nation is replete with corrupt fascists, the supreme court and federal courts are rigged, corporate interests are deregulating themselves from within. State sponsored violence is the norm. Our most vulnerable people are starving to feed a handful of billionaire sociopaths. 

Enough is enough. Vote death. 

Bumper sticker is 8” x 2.4”. 

Product Description

Meet the Maker

Winslow Dumaine is an independent artist and stand-up comedian out of Chicago. He makes art about pain in order to help people process grief in constructive ways. His portfolio can be found on and he can be followed on twitter @winslowdumaine.

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