Sukha Crystal Elixir

Sukha Crystal Elixir

Sukha Crystal Elixir


For rose & patchouli lovers. Very subtle and makes for a delicate perfume. 

Product Description

Sukha is an earthy & floral spray made from rose & patchouli oils adding a grounding and warming experience once sprayed. This elixir is a customer favorite for body and hair spritzing. At the bottom of your amber glass bottle, you will find natural rose quartz sprinkled in.

Meet the Maker

At Sukha Sanctuary I create handmade crystal-infused & plant-based elixirs for everyday use from Earthy magic. Every crystal d has been cleansed by Palo Santo to rid of any unwanted energies. Each crystal is then carefully dropped into a special blend of essential oils, spring water, and witch hazel. Shake well and spray as a linen, air, body or mat cleanser. Please never spray near eyes or ingest my product. My sprays are perfect for gift giving, yoga mat cleaners, odor reducers, or a way to unwind and create your own sacred state of bliss.

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