Osiris Candle – 3.6oz

Osiris Candle – 3.6oz

Osiris Candle – 3.6oz


100% soy wax candle dressed and blessed with botanical and gemstone blend

Product Description

Osiris is fresh and bright, like a field of greenery in the damp spring. It is energetic, and lightly lingering, reflective of it’s intent of abundance and harvest.

This ritual candle is made with the intention of manifesting abundance. Invoke Osiris by using this blend for long-term “harvest” goals – career, family, wealth.

These candles are made lovingly with 100% soy wax, no parafins or fillers.

Botanical & Gemstone Blend: Patchouli, Hemp, Bay, Citrine

Fragrance notes: Patchouli, hemp, cypress

Meet the Maker

At OuroHermetica we strive to use the best ingredients to create wonderful vegan apothecary items. From creamy soaps and skin-softening salt & oil bath soaks and body scrubs, to luxe skin creams, candles, room sprays and our perfume rollers OuroHermetica has you covered through your entire daily cleansing rituals. Each of our signature fragrance blends is lovingly made with a specific intent to bring aide to your manifestation goals.

All scent blends are made by hand using premium fragrance and essential oils.

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