Smol-Trek! A Family Hike

Smol-Trek! A Family Hike

Smol-Trek! A Family Hike


A comic zine following a family of bugs (including one birb!) on their hike up a tiny mountain. 


Product Description

Hi friends!!

So this October, I’ve been working on some comics depicting a bug family, their adopted bird friend, and their mushroom city. This comic depicts Bean, Truck, Burb, and the babies going on a lovely hike through the undergrowth! It is 10 pages long, 4×8 jnches, and hand bound with black thread. The front cover is white card stock and color printed, the interior pages are light gray paper, printed in gray. 

This is my first ever comic zine, hopefully a harbinger of things to come! I hope these lil dudes can bring you some joy.

Meet the Maker

Hi friends, I'm Jam! I draw creatures, plants, buildings, things I find on the sidewalk, and unhinged still-life tableaus. For the last three years, I've worked as a family educator during free drop-in family programming at the Garfield Park Conservatory, making art in my free time. While I can't participate as directly right now, I still want to create work that helps people engage with urban biodiversity.  Shifting my focus to art full-time means I will be able to tackle larger projects that I've been working towards, such as self-published comics, character design, and larger multi-media works. Additionally, I love an excuse to participate in my multi-generational family vocation of mailing people weird art!

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