Garden Nymphs, Digital Print

Garden Nymphs, Digital Print

Garden Nymphs, Digital Print


8×10.5 inch color print depicting some garden folks, spring blooms, maps, and geological textures!


Product Description

This is a digital print of an original illustration, drawn from collaged pieces of gardening guides, maps, and a sportswear magazine from 2000. This drawing in particular features two garden nymphs summoning blossoms, some precious minerals, and a room of pistachio phones. The print is roughly 8×10.5 inches, and comes in a clear plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

Meet the Maker

Hi friends, I'm Jam! I draw creatures, plants, buildings, things I find on the sidewalk, and unhinged still-life tableaus. For the last three years, I've worked as a family educator during free drop-in family programming at the Garfield Park Conservatory, making art in my free time. While I can't participate as directly right now, I still want to create work that helps people engage with urban biodiversity.  Shifting my focus to art full-time means I will be able to tackle larger projects that I've been working towards, such as self-published comics, character design, and larger multi-media works. Additionally, I love an excuse to participate in my multi-generational family vocation of mailing people weird art!

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