Jellyfish Gardens Print


Digital color print of some future jellyfish of the earth!

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Hey friends! Here’s a print of my foray into the jellyfish gardens.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the earth will look like in the future, and what organisms will inhabit it. It seems like jellies are generally agreed to be thriving in warming oceans, as they are able to tolerate warmer water (which contains less oxygen than cold water), and even benefit by reproducing faster in higher temperatures. This drawing is a step in exploring what these future jellies might look like- covered in filters and fronds to avoid toxins and gather particulate foods, and brightly colored/patterned in ways resembling caterpillars, trying to ward off predatory seabirds. As you might be able to tell, I used Ernst Haeckel’s incredible engravings as inspiration for the layout and some of the jellies’ symmetry.

The print itself is 8×10.5 inches, and comes in a clear plastic sleeve on cardboard backing.

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