Postage: A Zine of Stamps!


A minizine of drawings of stamps from around the world!

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September’s minizine is a reflection of my lifelong but still growing mail obsession. It even includes some introspection, which is something I struggle to share in my work.

The zine itself was made while thinking about how wild it is that we have a global postal system, how much longer it might be able to exist as the world changes, and what we can do with it. I chose stamps to focus on, as I’ve been learning more about the history of mail art- my parents also visited me recently and gifted a tiny envelope of beautiful old stamps from around the world. These drawings are based on that collection.

The zine is folded from a 8.5×11 sheet of white paper, in black and grey. The back is all text, but the cover, inside pages, and foldout are all drawings of stamps. Some countries represented include the republic of Indonesia, Burkina Faso (then the Republique de Haute-Volta), Peru, Italy, Poland, India, and Australia. The subject matter of the stamps varies- some show human portraits, some show charismatic wildlife or other distinguishing features like landscapes or buildings, and some are more symbolic and abstract.

If you’d like to do a mail swap and trade me one of your zines, or use these in an educational program, let me know and I’ll send you a copy for free.

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